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2016 Methods

How to hack any Facebook account in 2016

If you want to know more detail of your friends or couple, but you don’t know how to hack his or her Facebook account, then we show you how to hack any Facebook account in 2016, without using complicated methods and end up creating a problem with your computer or mobile device.

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Sometimes you will find online many websites saying that they could get the email, number and password of your victim to hack its Facebook account but sometimes that’s not completely true, because these pages show you hundreds of fake Facebook hacks to get money from you by using their software or maybe buying something.

How to use Facebook 2016 without downloading any software

Although we have to say that the programs can become increasingly effective, however the truth is that those aren’t simple to master at all. Besides that, you would need to change some configurations that aren’t in the same language that you know.

It’s a fact that since Facebook exists, many people started creating online tools to give us alternatives to hack Facebook 2016, those are varied and accesible, we just need to use our browser to find those tools but the only problem, which is also the biggest, is that there is no a way to know if they work or not, the reason is because many tools don’t work fine or maybe they were broken since their very first beginning, that’s why we try to offer a tool that works in this page.

Get the data of the Facebook account you want, with our online tool

To use this tool you just need to have the Facebook profile link of the person you would like to hack, once you got it or maybe its profile picture link, just go to this tool to hack Facebook, paste the link of your victim in the box where it says: “Enter the Facebook URL that will be hacked” then click on HACK and you would see the process to hack a Facebook account in 2016 on the console window located in the right part, you have to wait few minutes for the process to finish, when it finishes you’ll see a “view the data” button, if you click on it you’ll be redirected to a page where you need to share this page in social networks and also you would need to input your email to receive the data of your victim.

You just need to have at your disposal the referral link of the Facebook that you want to hack, and the internal software on our website will perform the corresponding tasks, and finally will provide information access to the Facebook account you always wanted to get, that’s how you’ve finally hacked a Facebook account in 2016.

Obtaining the data of the victim’s Facebook account using a link


This tool makes hacking a Facebook account in 2016 possible, you just have to share with the victim a link that simulates the page to login in Facebook, that page would say that if they want to see the picture, they have to enter their data, if you want that this trick works then you should tell your victim something related to an information that he or she really wants to know, then when you share the link where the victim is “going to see the info” they would enter their data without knowing that their email and password was already saved on our database. In the link you’ve generated before you would see all that data completely free.

Why is it possible to hack a Facebook account in 2016?

Facebook is a big social network developed completely under web programming, so it’s easy to find vulnerabilities or bugs that can be used in our benefit. But it’s easy to think that Facebook is impenetrable because it has many recognized and featured programmers that know a lot about online security, however, a well-organized group of hackers gained the knowledge to hack a Facebook account in 2016.

Few tools were able to access into a Facebook account in the past, but now Facebook has discovered all of them and its almost impossible now for those tools to hack again, that’s why we had to develop a tool that could enter into Facebook database to take what we need (Facebook accounts). Now, we couldn’t find another tool that does the same as this to hack Facebook in 2016.

Looking for more precise information using programs to hack Facebook

Whether you want to hack Facebook from android or from a desktop, there are several possible alternatives that will make you achieve your goal, that’s how the question, how to hack a Facebook, finishes. You can use the software we recommend you and we have them here in this page, also if you want to hack any Facebook account using your mobile device, then you can learn it here, because we have a really wide variety of information and alternatives from 2015 and 2016 methods.

facebook mobile app

We also have to know that hacking a Facebook account now is not that impossible, or complex as it could be at the beginning, because the technology has advanced and also methods to get information, data, and more. So now you don’t have 1 way of getting what you want but more than you possible know, choose between: hacking using Android, hacking with software or hacking online, this last one you can do it from our website that was designed to satisfy the needs of our users.


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