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Fake Facebook Login

Break down your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend or any victim, in the fake facebook login, and so get your login data of your facebook profile.

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Video tutorial How to hack Facebook with XPLOITS for free

How works this method to hack a Facebook easy and for free?

The idea of XPLOITS, same method used in this page, is to trick the person we want its Facebook account hacked, into thinking it is the real home page of the social network as the link that generates this website is identical to using Facebook. If you see it you could say that is the same, so the victim enter its user data such as email and password, and those are later stolen. After the use of the Xploit you would get all the data you need and you wouldn't need the hole process of hacking Facebook, now you know how to hack a Facebook with Xploits.


This method is also applicable from your android phone, or through any phone with internet access, either iphone or windows phone, the victim can open the link in the fake Facebook on mobile and produce the same result as if it was made from the computer, so hacking a Facebook account with fake login can be a task that doesn't depend on a computer, but is applicable to any device that is able to open the link, which is almost any technological device with Internet access, you can get the mail and password to access that easy.

1. How to create a Facebook fake login in Xploits?

How to use xploits. This method is one of the components our system offers; in fact, this isn't the main service but is one of the optional methods we offer as the first option, this is all about hacking Facebook using xploits. To access the link generated, you must enter the page of Facebook fake login xploits at the top of this page, this method has been used since 2016 and is among the best in 2017 because if you know how to apply it works great.

2. Personalize the Facebook fake login

In this same website, where you've generated the fake Facebook link, there is a video explaining how easy it is to create the jumpstart but at the same time so useful to get the data of our victim, this is not mandatory because you can click on "Generate URL" and it'll work the same way.


If you are looking for how to customize the link that the victim will see after entering data such as email, cell phone number or password, your victim will be redirected to the link you entered, this is a simple task where you only need to enter a link into the corresponding field as shown in the picture, this option is created to make the person believe that they were in a normal link. If you don't enter any link, then the victim will go to the home page of Facebook.com after filling the field email and password, so this won't make the victim to suspect what's happening, he or she would never knew that you hacked its account. The example link is our fanpage in Facebook just if you want to follow us.

3. What link should I send to the Victim?

Now, you have to identify links generated after we clicked on generate the URL, the first link is related with blogspot.com, this is the link you need to send to people you intend to hack because with only 1 link you can hack several people without creating 1 link for each victim.


The second link that this website gives you as shown in the picture, is the one that you would use to monitor the victims that were misled by the xploit, only you have access to that link so be careful not to share it to anyone because they can see the accounts that you have hacked, the data is stored in our database and you can check it at any time, because our system operates 24 hours.

It's recommended that you enter your email to track your link, as shown in the picture, so you can see the victims who were misled by the xploit, if the link isn't in your imbox then check on your SPAM box; is worth mentioning that the most interesting thing about these xploits is that this method is completely free.

4. How to misled people to log in from my xploits

The first inconvenient of this, is finding a way to trick the victim, even if it is a couple or a close person, trust can be used in your favor. Try to find ways to create an appropriate context for the fake Facebook page can misled completely, a good way to do it is customizing the link as told before, and sending the link through a private message. Although this method can be effective, you could be caught because the victim needs to log back into Facebook, being now browsing the social network.

When you don't have a way to trick your victim (if trust between the victim and you is enough it's more likely that it's going to bring all your data through the Facebook clone) you just have to know that you can call attention to click on our link, like this:


Hacking boyfriends or girlfriends: to apply the xploit you were mentioned in the most correct way is necessary to know what does your couple like, such as a love song, you can use the xploits in its custom form to generate a link to a song from youtube.

Hacking friends: here depends how close you are with that person, you need to know some of the things that person likes and maybe you can trick the victim; a good idea is saying "hey help me for a like contest of this picture", and share the fake link with the custom link redirecting to a picture.

Hacking a familiar: if the person you intend to hack its Facebook is a familiar then you could send a message through the chat with a text like this: "Look at this picture. I found this picture of us when we were kids, do you remember?" then we send the customized xploit link that after he or she entered its mail and password, then it will redirect to any photo you really have with the familiar in your childhood.

Hacking a stranger: It's worth to mention that for someone completely unknown is extremely difficult to hack his or her account using exploits, the reason? Because we don't have something in common with the person we would like to hack, or we just don't know likes or dislikes of the person. If you try to hack then should first try convince that we really need help from people. At least you should talk per at least 5 minutes to know a little more the person you are about to hack using the xploit.

These ways have been explained to you to be done through any social network such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and among some others too.

A thing you have to understand is that the effectiveness of this method will depend on the knowledge of the person we want to hack, the less experience, the greater possibility to hack the account. This is a basis factor that has to be with the way in which links from the social network are built; the syntax is simple, because the link that we generate is a bit different because we don't use www.facebook.com in the URL.

5. How to know if someone was hacked?

To get an idea of every thing that is happening in the process, this website has a system that shows the advances of victims who have entered the email and password of their accounts, so it will be easy to know the access data to Facebook. You can see the data where the emails and passwords of your victims are in the given link when you clicked on Generate URL. When your victims have entered their data you will see all data as shown in the following image.


After you've hacked the victim, you would change your opinion about the person, this can be for good or bad and you must that you'll have to deal with it; logically if the situation changed from bad to good, or from good to better, there shouldn't be any problem, but if it is vice versa, you must accept it.

What probable reasons would make us want to hack a Facebook account?

Facebook is one of most relevant social networks today, is the largest of all and the perfect place to find many people we know and where they share part of their personal life, that's how they make Facebook as a media. Despite the idea that we respect the privacy of others, it is normal to feel curious about what our closest friends do online.

This also applies to our couple, if we suspect that we were cheated or if we think one of their friends wants to be with our girlfriend or boyfriend. There are many the reasons that motivate us to seek for an effective method to find the user and password you want to know to clear all of our doubts. If you google to get sites like this, you will find a lot of sites that promise to do it, but actually those are just lies and tricks.

Despite this, there are few sites that offer effective methods to hack a Facebook account, and most interesting is that they don't require a payment for the service. Our system offers several methods for doing this, the most used is the direct hacking the account through scripts that exploits security vulnerabilities and the Facebook clone page or also known as xploits created to trick the victim and get his or her mail and password.