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Video tutorial: hacking a Facebook account easy and free


0. What's Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most important social networks around the world these days. It has millions of users and more and more are joining every day. Numbers like this are not sufficiently striking until we notice that our neighbors have one, and not just them but also our family, our coworkers and our best friends have one too. Knowing this makes us want to hack the Facebook account of someone in particular, any person we would like to know more about for no reason. We are an anonymous group of Internet users seeking to access Facebook security since 2016, and currently in 2019.

how to hack facebook account

Image 1; How to hack facebook account.

One of the links that can be trusted is the one that we offer, which is one of the few reliable free online services that allows you to obtain users' Facebook accounts essentially for free.


1. How to use this system by pasting a link from Facebook

In order to make this website to perform its function perfectly, there are four ways that you can insert the link, and both of them work fine. Here is an example of how to enter the correct link in the system quickly and easily:


Exist four ways:


1.- copying the Profile URL:

copying profile URL to hack facebook account

Image 2; Profile URL.


2.- copying the Photo or Picture profile URL:

copying photo picture profile URL to hack facebook account

Image 3; Picture of Profile URL.


3.- copying the Username:

copying the username profile to hack facebook account

Image 4; Username of profile facebook.


4.- or copying the ID Profile:

copying the ID profile to hack facebook account

Image 5; ID profile facebook.


In desktop exist 4 ways, but in Mobiles Devices the commons ways are:


1.- copying the Profile URL from Facebook APP:

copying profile URL to hack facebook account in facebook app

Image 2; Copying Profile URL from facebook app in mobile device.


1.- copying the Profile URL from mobile browser (in this example used Chrome):

copying profile URL to hack facebook account in mobiles

Image 3; Copying Profile URL from browser Chrome mobile.


2. How to enter the link of the target's profile on the correct page

Once you have entered the link on this website, as mentioned before, either with 1) the user profile link, 2) profile photo link, 3) username of profile or 4) id of profile, you should see the hacking process of the person that you have decided to hack, as shown below:

Enter profile URL and starting the hack facebook account

Image 6; Enter profile URL and starting the hack facebook account.


 3. How do I know if I entered the link correctly?

Once you have entered the link of the person you decided to hack, you should be able to see their Facebook information, such as name, last name and the person's profile photo. If this information is not shown correctly after trying with the link of the profile or the link of the profile picture, then you can contact us and we will help you with the process. You can try once again to do the appropriate steps so you can hack a Facebook 2019. If you got an error after you entered the link, then double check that you have entered this link with "no spaces".


Starting the hack of facebook account.

Starting Hack Facebook Account

Image 7; Starting Hack, because the URL is "correct".


If the url is incorrect, this error will appear.

Enter an incorrect URL and no hack facebook account

Image 8; No starting the hack, because the URL is "incorrect".


4. How long does the hacking process take?

The process of hacking any person's account takes approximately 1 to 5 minutes. This is because we send a code injection to the database of the social network, Facebook, which is how we get the password. This process will take a little bit longer if the person change their information on Facebook to private, such as date of birth, address, phone number, friends, groups, persons and pages that he or she is following, and also more. Don't worry, the process is 100% functional even if it takes a little more time. You have to trust that you will get access to the Facebook account you want.


5. Results of the hacked account

After you wait for the results to appear, you should be able to see key parts of the information. It means that the Facebook that you entered has been hacked and our system has the information such as: email, cell phone number, and most importantly, the password.

Hacking facebook account successfully 100% real

Image 9; Hack finish.


When the howto.piraterfaceook.com hacking system is finished, you have to wait few minutes. The website will indicate that the data for the hacked Facebook account are available, and then it will redirect to a page in which you won't have to pay any money to obtain the username and the password. That means that you won't have to pay money to hack someone else's Facebook, because the system will always be free.

6. How to get the email, phone number and password from the hacked account

You have 2 methods where you can get the data from Facebook for free.

The first involves referrals. These links should be shared with at least 5 contacts and they have to click on your link; this helps us verify that the system is not being used in a malicious way or by a robot trying to affect our site, sending a large volume of requests to our servers.

Once you have shared your referral links, a file will be sent to your email with the data of the hacked account, or you might be able to see the hacked data in the same link .


Ways to hack facebook account

Image 10; Last step. How to download password of facebook account.


But referral links are not the only method to easily hack a Facebook account. There is also a second method, which is filling out an anonymous survey. This anonymous survey is not an advertising method. This is a mechanism that generates a small income for this website, but if we look carefully, this is a mechanism used so that not just anyone can get access to the Facebook account data entered, but only you can have it. That's the main reason to do the survey: to guarantee that just you, and nobody else, have access to the information.

After complying with any of the non-monetary compensation methods for the website, either by referral or survey, you have to enter your email here: Howto.piraterfaceook.com and we will send a text file where you can find the user and password of the hacked account. You can also save the link because the data is registered in our database automatically. Both methods will let you get the information of the victim you've hacked in 2017.

7. Tips to follow after getting your target's information

When you finally get the account of the victim, you can do whatever you want, but... there is a tip that you should follow. If you wanted the information to spy on them (which is the most common), you should look at everything you want but without changing anything, because you don't want to alert the real owner of the account that maybe you have access to their account.


If you do it right, you could get the access to their personal information, conversations,  notifications history and to their photo gallery and videos, in which there might be content that is not public for everyone and might be interesting.

You can download a copy with all the information of your victim easily by clicking here. With this information, you'll be able to see and read all the things that this person has done from the very beginning until today, such as posts, photos, shared videos, messages, conversations and a lot of other info. This is the best way to know what this person is doing without using expensive or useless hacking software.


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