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Online, you can find many things that have been said about the ways in which you can choose to hack Facebook, or what is needed to “find a weak spot” in the programming of this important social network. So far, no article has been made to review and compare the most efficient methods to achieve this hard task. Motivated by this reason, this article aims to make a collection that acts as a tutorial on some of these methods found on the web of hacking Facebook 2015 so far.

The most efficient ways of hacking a Facebook account

What methods have been used to hack Facebook 2015?

This post isn’t trying to start any conspiracy; everyone has the right to have their privacy. The following text simply looks to fill in an information gap with more efficient ways to perform hacking of this social network, from some basic facts to clarify the idea of what it means to hack a Facebook account, spying tools such as the Xploits method, also known as “ fake Facebook login“, surveillance software like Revealer Keylogger, the hacking method of using the profile link of the victim, and finally, the method that uses the vulnerability of SS7.

Which were the mechanism to hack a facebook in 2015?

Some hacking methods for spying on a Facebook account

Xploits method, also called: ” fake Facebook login”

To use this spying method, you have to go to the following website: how to hack a Facebook with Xploits, which is a free site which is distinguished by having a powerful interface that provides a general platform so that, with a few simple steps, you can accomplish the mission of hacking a Facebook account from a friend, acquaintance, significant other or anyone you want, with the goal of obtaining the login information from the Facebook account that you have prepared.

How does the Xploits method work?

The first step to take is to click the button to generate the fake link, which will then be sent to the victim you have in mind. The second step is to store the URL of the trick link that has been generated for you, and then send it to the victim.

Note that this method was widely used in 2015 and in 2016. You should be careful not to lose the URL generated by this website. With this in mind, direct hacking has set a function that will help you prevent this loss, and you can also receive them via email.

Fake Facebook login

Now that you have the trap URL, you should now go to Facebook. The idea is that the person who receives your link feels motivated to click, which means you have to write something to convince them that they ought to go to this website. This is a very important step; when you press the button, nothing will happen, absolutely nothing, but if you are very persistent is possible that the person will become suspicious of your trap.

Xploit fake login

When the person receives the link of the Facebook fake login, they will be shown a page in which they have to enter the email address or phone number and password they use to log in to Facebook. The fake login will show a page where the victim has to log in again because apparently the connection was lost. That’s how the victim has to enter their personal information. All information obtained by howto.piraterfaceook.com will be shown in the link that you generate, so you will be able to see everything.

The Keylogger method: permanent spying

All we have to say about this tool is that it is widely used software in 2015 and today because it’s on permanent watch duty, having the ability to make a record in an encrypted log for each stroke that someone has made using the keyboard where this hacking tool has been installed. In this way, Keylogger is able to store messages instantly, and also the email address and password of an email that opens on the computer where the software was installed.

How does Keylogger work?

You have to keep in mind that if you want to use Keylogger, you must disable all antivirus engines that were installed on your computer, such as Kaspersky, Avast, or Norton. This is because these antivirus engines will identify it as malicious Malware, so you have to risk the security of your computer to get the benefits of this tool.

elite keylogger

Hacking method: Facebook profile link

The first thing you need to do is to go to howto.piraterfaceook.com, but also you need to login to your Facebook account. From your account, you need to go to the victim’s profile and copy the link. After that, go to this page to paste the link of the victim. Now, you have to wait for the page to do its thing, that’s how this page works.

how to hack facebook home page

How does this page hack any Facebook account?

It is known that the website howto.piraterfaceook.com uses a method called “brute force” that from the beginning makes strong trial and error attacks in order to obtain valuable information such as a user password or PIN number.

As shown in the picture above, to the right, you will find the CMD, which is the tool that will complete the process of hacking. This CMD was made with the sole purpose of seeking for vulnerabilities and finally breaking into Facebook to get passwords and emails.

profile link hacking method

Just after clicking on Hack, you will see that this CMD is starting to work. This CMD is working thanks to the continuous work of PCC Team, and it will show in a superficial way how this process is done, so you will be informed of every step that this tool is going through.

The SS7 vulnerability method


This method is well known around the word as Signaling System Number 7. This is a recent method where substantial informatics knowledge is needed. It was used a lot in 2015 to hack Facebook and is still the best known method. It works on a series of telephone signal protocols, which are used by most telephone networks worldwide. It’s known that this protocol is used by over 800 telecommunications operators, in order to exchange information and allow use of roaming.


Its operation is quite simple. You only need to know the phone number of the victim to begin the process of hacking their Facebook account. Forbes magazine showed the results of an investigation conducted by Positive Technologies, and they showed how they could enter WhatsApp and Telegram accounts.


One of the problems with this protocol is that it relies on those text messages sent through the platform no matter what their source, meaning that cyber attackers could use this to redirect messages and even calls to their own devices.


We can mention a case that used this exact method. Cybersecurity expert Ruben Martinez gained access to the Facebook of his victim in 2015 through the use of a malicious access point.

This is the reason why you shouldn’t connect to any open wireless Internet network, because this guy got the verification messages of the victim. All this was done using a malicious application installed on the device of the victim. However, this task is not as easy to do, but with dedication and a bit of malice you can.

Now you know the most used methods that were used to hack a Facebook account in 2015.