Learn how to create a Facebook account easily

What you have to know before signing in into Facebook: To register a new Facebook account you have to know your email address and its password. If you don’t have any email account yet, then you should click on one of the following links to create a Hotmail account or a Gmail account (the two most common). Once you’ve registered an email account, then you should go to the Facebook home page and start the creation of a new account. As shown below:

facebook home page

1. Enter information to create a Facebook account

Before you can start the registration process, you must access Facebook’s homepage. You can do this with whichever browser you like (Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, etc.). To do it, type in the browser the following link: https://facebook.com or just click it here. Then, you simply press the ENTER key and you will see an screen like the one below:

sign up Facebook

Enter information in Facebook: When you get to Facebook’s homepage, you will find a form in which you can start creating your Facebook account. You must fill in the following information:

First name: Type your first name, you only need 1, but if you want you can type a middle name too with no problem.

Last name: In this space, you should type your last name or last names, if applicable.

Mobile number or email: If you decide to use your phone number instead of your email account, then you have to add the international code to your number, i.e.: (305) 607-4236 (mobile number without code) +1 (305) 607-4236 (with international code). Of course, the code should be from the country in which your mobile number is registered. If you want to register with your email, you just have to do it. You will have to repeat this information in the box below.

Password: In this box, you have to type in a password that will always be easy to remember but it has to be, at the same time, hard to guess so that nobody else could know it.

Birthday: Here you will enter your date of birth in each of the fields, or you can simply select the corresponding day, month and year.

Sex: In this case, you have to use your mouse and select the circle corresponding to your sex: Female or Male.

Finally, you have to click the SIGN UP button, and then you will see the confirmation screen from your new Facebook account. These are not the only steps, though—there are few more.

2. How to complete the process of confirming your Facebook account

For sign up with mobile number: You will receive a confirmation code on your mobile device, which you have to enter in the box that will appear on your screen. Then, you’ll have to press the confirmation button, and then you can start making changes in your account.

For sign up with email: No matter if you have a Hotmail or Gmail account, you will see a button in a confirmation email that will let you confirm immediately. But if you don’t receive this email, then you have to be 100% sure that you’ve checked the SPAM box, or just refresh your mail and it will show up.

Facebook account verified

When you log in to your Facebook account for the first time, you’ll see a panel where you can find  news related to people who are your friends; it’s called the Timeline. Also, on the left side you will see information related to your likes and basic settings, while on the right side you’ll find suggestions for topics that may be of interest and which you can add to your account. In the upper part, you’ll find a blue menu with the Facebook logo, your name, the Home button and friends search. If you click your name, you’ll see your own wall, which is the place where you will publish or share posts you’ve liked.

3. Upload your first photo to your new Facebook account

Just below the top menu, you’ll find 2 spaces in which you can put your photos: one is called the profile picture, and the bigger one is called the cover photo. First, you need to upload a photo, so you should click on UPDATE PROFILE PICTURE, and you’ll be prompted to choose a photo from your computer. After it’s uploaded, you have the option of selecting the appropriate size for the photo that you’ll use as your profile picture.

how to set up a facebook profile

After uploading the profile picture, you’ll be shown a configuration of how big or small you would like the photo to appear, as shown below. When you finish, click on the save button and your image will be shown on your Facebook.

creating a profile picture

4. Uploading your first cover photo toyour Facebook account

The bigger space is where you will put a cover photo. To upload one, you’ll need to click on the camera button in the upper left part of this space, and you’ll be prompted to upload a picture or photo from your computer. After you select it and it’s uploaded, you’ll have to click on the save button just like when uploading your profile picture.

uploading a cover and a profile picture

This is how the profile and the cover photo should be when you upload them to your new Facebook account. As you spend more and more time using this social network, you’ll start learning more and more about how to use it.

facebook finished