Hacking easily

How to easy hack a Facebook

If someone told you: It is not possible to easily hack a Facebook account, You need too much computer knowledge to do it or things like theses, then you have to tell that it’s thoughts are wrong. After you read this information you’ll change your mind about this topic, in fact some system engineers don’t know some of the techniques that are so easy and useful to hack any Facebook account.

You don’t need to have much knowledge about hacking, phishing or security because the methods that we know are very easy and useful to enter any Facebook account. We will explain step by step and the best way you can easily infringe Facebook security.


You will be shown several easy ways to hack a Facebook account easily.

Hacking Facebook with Xploits

If you have computer skills, maybe you’ve heard about xploits, if you haven’t heard yet don’t worry, it’s easy to learn, and you can do it without any help.

Xploits are an easy way to hack a Facebook account. It works making the victim believe that he or she is logging on Facebook, but this is not happening. Data is entered, such as email and password, and stored in a database. You have access to that data entered from the victims that you’ve cheated.

Check Data in Xploit

To review the data in the Xploit you should enter this page in the section labeled “Trap to Steal Facebook” and you can do it easily. We show a video of how to use Xploits.

Hacking Facebook with Browser

You can find stored passwords on the computer of the person. Before you continue reading you need to know that the content presented below, you will be able to do it if you have access to the computer or laptop of the victim. If you don’t, we have another way to hack a Facebook account here, no need to do anything just enter the link of the facebook, or if you have access to its mobile with Android, iOS or Microsoft, we show other methods you can do to hack a Facebook from your mobile.

If you have access to the laptop or PC the you should keep storing your passwords in the memory of the browser. You won’t only find Facebook passwords, but also social networks such as Twitter, Google, Hotmail and many more webpages

password stored in browser Google Chrome

After login on Facebook, as shown in the image, you will find a box where it says: Do you want google chrome to save your password for this site? If you press Save, then all your passwords would be stored in the browser. This function works for many pages.

Now you wonder: where saved passwords are stored in Google Chome? The answer is so easy.

Follow these steps and you would get all of the passwords.


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