Hacking with Android

How to hack a Facebook account with my Android phone

Everybody knows that Facebook has become one of the most useful social networks around the globe. This is because you can find lots of information there that each one of its users frequently publishes. That’s the reason to look for this kind of service, but some other websites try to install a program on your PC that is hiding a virus, such as trojans, which would make your information disappear. Or, if you have passwords or bank accounts linked to your Chrome, then you probably would be hacked. We don’t do this and we will try to explain the process.

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The process to accomplish your goal is simple, so you don’t need to be an IT expert and you don’t have to be professional or specialist in some area. This is a tool that is available to everyone, so our only goal is for you to enjoy the benefits of this tool.

Advantages of hacking a Facebook using a cellphone

  1. It’s a quick process, and only takes a couple minutes to give you the information. It’s also programmed so that you can receive the whole process step by step to show you the information you need. In just 5 minutes, you can get the information for the Facebook you’ve chosen.
  2. We have virtual support. This is useful especially if you aren’t clear on what to do. At the beginning, there is a video tutorial where a clear example of the effectiveness of our hacking system is shown.
  3. The service is available 24 hours. No matter at what time you need to hack, the system is always open and constantly updated to provide you the best quality.
  4. It’s a free system, and we won’t charge you anything. Our only interest is to show that Facebook has vulnerabilities—weak points that our tool can break into and get the information you need. The most important thing is to help you in those difficult situations that could be resolved only by entering into a Facebook that you don’t have access to.
  5. You can enter and hack as many times as you want, even if you notice that at the moment that you are using our system there are thousands of users, you shouldn’t worry because it has a reinforced base.
  6. You can hack any user, regardless of their origin or the country where the live, what operating system they use, etc. There are no limits.

The best part is you can enter from anywhere in the world you might be; all you need is internet access. Once you have it, you could use even your phone to get the information needed so that you could quickly access the desired profile.

How to get the information with Android OS

First, activate your Wi-Fi on your phone until you get access to an Internet network. You don’t have to worry about your personal information because we have deletion of data, so your movements will be untraceable.

Then, you need to open a browser, such as Google Chrome, and type in: https://howto.piraterfaceook.com

how to hack facebook android

All you need is profile link of the person you want to hack, which is located in the top bar when you’re on their profile. It’s important to write the complete link for our system to locate the Facebook data. Once inside, you will notice that you are asked to enter “the Facebook URL you want to hack”; this is where the profile link that you’ve copied or written goes. Once done, click on “Hack”.

how to hack facebook android

Note that, as shown in the image, the profile name that has been inserted is shown and inside a green box it says: “The account is in the process of being hacked”. How can you be sure that it’s working? Below, it says “console”; this shows you step by step what is our system doing. This process may take several minutes depending on your internet speed. After it’s finalized, you will see a message telling you that the account has been hacked.

how to hack facebook android

You will see a message that both the email and password have been saved in our database. This tells you that you have succeeded, because our system has obtained the information and you just have to see what was collected. To do this, go a little farther down where the console says “access victim’s Facebook information”. Now, click on the red box that says “View data”.

how to hack facebook android

You have several options to get the information. The first is sharing this virtual method on social media with your friends or people you know who need this tool; you can also ask in forums if people would like to be your referrals to accomplish your goal. We have several options, and to be honest, not many people like to recommend something they have not yet used themselves.

how to hack facebook android

If this sounds like you, then there is the option, “take a survey”. This is just to use an activation code, useful in our case as it is the fastest way of being able to get the information you will be hacking from your Android phone. If you choose this, multiple servers will appear; these are used to make our system never gets saturated and everyone can enjoy its benefits, so choose the method you want.

how to hack facebook android

Once you’ve done that, it will take you to an anonymous survey. Each survey is unique in order to protect the information. If you want, you can read it or answer it, and then you must go below to the end of the survey where a link is displayed in a green box that says “download”. There, you’ll find the site where you will need to enter your cellphone number, and you can also select the operator that corresponds to your telephone company. Click “continue”, and in few seconds you will get an SMS with a code. After that, you  will finally receive an email with the username and password you need.

Enjoy our services and give yourself the opportunity to test the effectiveness of this service. We are a qualified service with a high success rate in the world of hacking. Give us your opinion and rate us.