Hacking with software

How to hack a Facebook with software

Finding out usernames and passwords of Facebook was once an impossible job for users with little computer knowledge, today, computer knowledge remains in the hands of professionals; many experts have developed programs to use them in computers so that those could allow us to get the information we want. In fact, using programs such as these are the most effective methods for users just are we are, hacking Facebook with Elite Keylogger, confidentially and without leaving any trace.

How does keylogger work?

An interesting fact is that Elite Keylogger works as a virus, but not to damage the PC, because its operation is approved by ourselves. The way it works is: obtaining all writen data in the computer, which is how you can make the task of monitoring the records of each computer activity.


It’s necessary to download and install the software whether in its trial or full version and install it on the PC to hack Facebook. After installing it, must be executed to configure aspects such as its form of execution that can be visible or invisible. With Elite Keylogger you can enter private documents and passwords from the PC where you installed the program. Where you can hack a facebook without knowing mail and password and obtain the following information from the computer.

  • See what is written by the keyboard through its pulsations.
  • See screenshots made by the Elite keylogger program.
  • See which programs are used
  • See clipboard.
  • See writen passwords in the computer.

By having access to this activity center, Elite Keylogger can register each of the interactions in a log file that may be reviewed later. Every interaction is stored with its exact date and time, facilitating the search for particular information. To use Facebook for example, we can look at the log file if a user ID and password stored, in the date and time in which we suspect, was used to log in Facebook via the browser.

How to install Keylogger


Normally this program can be obtained from Internet through a Google search using the keywords ‘Elite Keylogger’; search engines would typically result in the official website, where you can download the program in its trial version (with the option to buy it), which allows you to record all computer activity, including data such as usernames and passwords of social networking sites like Facebook, making it one of the best methods to hack Facebook passwords for free and without even raising suspects.

Installation Steps

If this is your first time installing the Elite Keylogger, then I recommend you to put a lot of attention in the installation steps, and read them carefully before you begin to install the program.

  1. Download the program Keylogger: You can download it here, it won’t take too much time because the file is small.
  2. We run the program that was downloaded and follow the corresponding installation steps.
  3. Wait for the instalation process


  • A program will be downloaded to the temporary folder in windows located in C:\Windows\Temp


  • In the next window we will be asked if agree to the terms and conditions of Elite Keylogger, if we don’t like reading then click on next, if you want you can read the terms and conditions of use.


  • In this installation step maybe you’ve not noticed that a warning is shown. In this message is saying you need to disable the antivirus and anti-spyware, so they don’t detect the program as a threat, once you’ve done it, continue with the installation.


  • As seen below, the installation will ask if you want to create a system restore point, this is done because windows system has constantly restorations. Being more specific, if you don’t select the marked field then Windows will erase Elite Keylogger in the next system restoration.
  • Select how much time you want Elite Keylogger remain on your computer, you have the following options: Never, In a week, In 1 month or In 3 months, it’s your decision. Once you’ve decided press Install.


  • We wait a few seconds to complete the installation of Elite Keylogger, if you want to know where it was installed we go to the location: C:\Windows\System32
  • To be sure that Elite Keylogger is going to be safe from antivirus we should add in the whitelist the following installation files:

Be very careful you shouldn’t delete those files because it would cause errors in Elite Keylogger, then check the box and select Continue.


  • Once the program is installed it will ask us if we want to restart our PC, we should do it for Windows to save all of the configurations.


How to use Keylogger to hack a Facebook

  • If execution is configured as invisible it can be made visible again using the command “unhide” in the Run option in Windows to unlock the program.


  • Input a password

The password entered you must not forget it because if you forget it then you have to reinstall the program. Make sure that the password is secure and only you know it, then you’ll have to confirm the password.


Once completed the password steps a message telling that the password has been successfully saved will appear to you.


  • A window will appear giving using examples of Elite Keylogger where it will tell you how to use this program giving information on how to have more protected the program to avoid victims suspect.


Finally it shows how to use the program by following the steps marked with green

  1. Choose the option of Registration
  2. Search by dates
  3. See the records


Additionally, it is advisable to use the configuration of assigning a mail where the information will be sent, you can specify the email address in the designated area below:

When visible, you can see an icon on the taskbar that if we click, we take a small interface where we can see everything supervised classified by data typed on the keyboard, screen shots taken, information copied to the clipboard and even more particular as internet activity data, the application execution history, activity of emails, view of passwords to hack Facebook, among much more, as we see in the image.

General settings and save log, both can be configured to limit the amount of collected data, something recommended only if you want to retrieve private information on the monitored computer, although it is recommended to collect as much information it can, because extra data could give us what we are looking for.