How to create a hotmail account?

You need to open your favourite browser (chrome, mozilla, opera, etc), and after you open a new tab you will need to enter the following: where you will continue creating an email account.

Once you’ve done it you will see something like the picture above. This is the log in screen for registered users, but in your case, you’re not trying to log in because you don’t have a hotmail account yet, then you need to clic on: CREATE ONE!


Choosing the perfect email name for me

How important is the choice of a formal name or informal to register a Hotmail e-mail, the first thing you should know is that this email could be used in other activities of your daily life, and that the name you occupy may be exposed to others, in any case you can also choose to create an account formal and an informal email with which you can handle every circumstance that comes your way, an example of both cases is as follows:

Formal email example: [email protected]

Informal email example: [email protected]

As you can notice, each one has many differences. In any case, the choice of the email name is up to you, it is important to know the use you are going to give it before using any alternative.

What password should I assign to my email?

If you’ve created an email before then you should know that there is a pattern that you should use, as uppercase and lowercase letters, the usage of numbers, symbols, you should mix many patterns that you know to create a new password for your email.

If you are not using a password with a defined pattern, you can consider the aforementioned to make your password more secure, this will increase the security level. Try to correctly memorize your password or keep it in a safe place either on your PC or phone.

Always try to use the following symbols: “!¿’´+/*-.,_?¡” because you would need at least 8 characters to make your password much more secure, if you mix uppercases and lowercases to make a password then you should always use this combination to every account that needs a secure password.

Entering data in the form to register Hotmail

Name box: type in your name

Lastname box: type in lastname

Username box: Here you should type in the name that will identify your email and you will use it everytime you want to check your email account.


Which extension of Hotmail should I choose

As you may notice, you have 3 alternatives to pick when choosing an email address, these are the options you have: you can find here the extensions per countries, for example: to Spain, to Mexico, to Argentina.

[email protected] you can find here the extensions per countries, for example: to Spain, to Mexico, to Argentina. you can find here the extensions per countries, for example: to Spain, to Mexico, to Argentina.

This doesn’t mean that if you’re from another country you can’t create a mail in any of these extensions, but is more recomendable to create it by your country or in general, only the .com makes the difference. You have to choose between these variants of You can also create an extention in, but it’s up to you.

Is there anyone else with this email address?

Consciously there could be people from other countries that may have your same name and lastname, so to make your address unique you have to add few details, like: adding another name, a number that you’ll always remember, and many other details that would make your email address unique.

Filling the fields for creating a Hotmail account


Password and retype your password box: Here you should type in the password that you’ll assign to your account, it needs at least 8 characters and it should have uppercase and lowercase letters.

Country or region box: In this box you have to choose your country or region, you’ll find a drop-down list to select your country.

Birthdate box: Using a drop-down list you’ll have to select the day, month and year of birth.

Sex box: You must choose the alternative that corresponds to your gender.

The data placed in the boxes below are those of your phone number, which is required to have more control of your account.

Country code box: Choose your country to select the phone code of this.

Telephone number box: You can use and add as many numbers you want, also don’t forget to add any other number that you have

Alternative email address box: If that you own another email, you can add it in this box or use a friend’s, it will serve to recover your account if you forget your login details.

Finally you must complete the security data, such as checking Captcha and acceptance of the terms and conditions when you complete this action click the Create Account button.

Welcome mail Hotmail

After clicking on the Create button account, you’ll encounter Hotmail main screen and you will see a welcome message.


If you want to confirm your Facebook account then you must enter the area where it indicates the following message: Looking your email from Microsoft? – View inbox. That’s how we complete the creation of a Hotmail email account.