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How to hack a Facebook without surveys

In our world, social networking is an important part of our daily lives, and one of the networks with the most impact is Facebook. We all have a profile, and most of us spend a decent portion of our time there.

The privacy offered by this network is the most important thing, and the security of the site is getting stronger as time goes by. However, no system can ever be perfect—it will always have breaks and errors, and these will be utilized to infiltrate software that collect information, private software and methods that trick the system for the sole purpose of hacking a Facebook account.

getting the data of any Facebook account without doing polls

This post will only talk about the safest and most important methods to hack a Facebook account without doing surveys. The information we share is completely accurate, so you can rest assured and continue reading. And, of course, you can test the methods that we are going to show and recommend to you.

Most of the time, we want to get the data of a person who belongs to our social circle, without affecting others. An example would be: to know if your partner was cheating, to know what’s going on with a friend with lots of problems, to know what a person is saying or thinking about you, to play jokes on your friends, family, coworkers, etc.

Would you like to be able to hack a Facebook account without taking any surveys? We all would like this, and it’s possible because there are different methods to get this information. Even if Facebook has a great anti-hacking system, there is always a method to break into the security and take advantage to get the information you would like to have from someone else’s Facebook account. Logical methods to obtain a person’s password, user name, and other data without using any complicated software, no surveys, and fast; that’s what we are going to talk in this post.

Hacking a Facebook without surveys: Direct Facebook profile link

There are fraudulent and false methods to hack a Facebook account without surveys. The first thing we will review will be the page, a page that has been around a long time. This professionally coded website offers two of the best methods to hack Facebook today, elaborated with the most advanced programming languages based entirely on PHP, JavaScript, Brutalforce, CSS and HTML, all managed by major computer professionals, providing daily support to the website for maximum performance. All in all, an effective and safe way to hack a Facebook page without surveys.


This site runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its active operation has a Spy that captures the slightest vulnerabilities of Facebook, making requests of users and hacks into a Facebook page without surveys.

The website has an effective and completely clean code. There is no danger at any time of catching a virus or malicious malware; we can always use it safely.


Let’s start the process of hacking a Facebook without surveys on the page, taking the URL link from the Facebook profile of the person you want to hack


Do you see the red arrow? That’s the link we have to copy and paste into to continue with the hacking system.

It also works if you paste the profile photo link of the person you want to hack, as shown in the following image:


Once you have copied, immediately go to the page, to paste it into the blank text box.


You’ve taken the initial data to continue the process of hacking a Facebook without surveys. Paste the link to their profile (or profile picture, if you can access it), then click on the “Hack” button to launch the HTML JavaScript console, and start getting the most essential data.


Once you launch the console, the process of breaking the security that you want to hack with no surveys and direct data collection begins.


Data collection was successful—the console has completed the process, and shows you briefly the precise details of the person you want to hack. If you want to see it, click the “View data” button.


You can now continue with the process of hacking a Facebook without surveys to see that, when it finishes, it gives you the opportunity to get the data in two ways, 1) obtaining referrals (which basically works by sending the website to a number of friends or family members in order to publicize the site to more people, and to test the best hacking service, ending with the release of the information), and 2) surveys, but in this article, we’ll only use the referral method; it works perfectly.


To choose the referral method, just copy the links that the website gives you (the link at the top, which can be sent through any social network, for example: Twitter, Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, etc., and the second link is perfect to send to your friends on Facebook).


You will share these two links on all your social media accounts, increasing the chances of getting the required 10 people quickly and dynamically. And if you want to be sure when you get to the required number, then we highly recommended you use the “Receive Email” option for you to be notified in real time when the process is finished.