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How to hack a Facebook account online

The social network world is growing every single day, this is the main reason why people decide to log into Facebook or many other social networks, also it’s known that every day many users are joining, and this is the reason why information is starting growing faster than times before. There aren’t many details that we know, because people keep that information for few person, that’s one of the reason why we need to get the passwords of people, today we’ll talk about hacking Facebook online.

  • Hacking Facebook – Xploits:

    how to hack any Facebook profile using XPLOITS?

The first alternative are xploits, this is one of the favorites when talking about how to hack any Facebook account online. If you want to trick your victim its needed to be very crafty to make your victim believe they really need to enter their mail or number and password to know something that they are interested in, to use this method it’s necessary to create a link where your victims are going to enter their data, when your victims click on it, they will see a Facebook login page where they have to enter their mail or number and password.

  • Hacking Facebook –  F12 function:


To use this hacking trick is necessary that our victim has logged in our computer, our maybe we have access to its computer, also it’s necessary to be on Chrome and the password has to be saved after he or she entered the password, you would notice that in the password box you could only see few black dots, but if you right click on it and select INSPECT, there is a lot of code but just change the word PASSWORD in the code selected to TEXT and the password would appear completely.

  • Hacking Facebook – Profile link:

    For this option we will use an online software, this is specialized to get our objective of hacking any Facebook account, the only thing we need is the victim’s profile link, then we’ll go to this web and there we’ll paste the link on the box where the message “Enter the Facebook URL that will be hacked” is shown, the software would take few minutes, but after that you would get a message telling that “the account is in hacking process” and after if finishes you could click on the SEE DATA button.

  • Hacking Facebook – Passwords stored in the browser:

    For this hacking method is necessary that your victim’s computer or yours have Google Chrome installed, then if your victim have stored his or her passwords on this browser then you would need to clic on the 3 dots or lines button, located on the right top of the window and when you see the list click on SETTINGS, then you would see another tab and at the end you’ll see SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS… clic on this option and then under the PASSWORDS AND FORMS part you would see another text saying: MANAGE PASSWORDS, if you click there you could see all the users and passwords stored in the Chrome browser, just look for Facebook and click on the SHOW button to see the password.


Now you have information on How to hack Facebook? Don’t waste time, find the access data of your victim, and meet everything he or she does online daily.