Are you looking for a way of hacking a Facebook account from the USA?

USA had many problems lately: political, security and insecurity, and many other factors like distrust and problems in its social sphere. These are the main reasons why people decide to enter others’ information, seeking for an alternative which we would like to hack a USA Facebook account. With every day passing by Facebook has reinforced its security from cyberattacks, but at the same time many people is still looking for vulnerabilities in the social network to hack, that’s why USA hackers have looked for vulnerabilities and methods to hack Facebook. This is also related with national security which is not that good as in the United Kingdom, Canada or other countries.

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Existing methods are diverse, but you need to be specialized in computer science, web security, or a master degree in computing. Here we show you methods that are not hard to use but are really useful which is something that no many web pages offer.

If you are from USA you probably know that mexicans are always online because they want to be conected to their favorite social networks: Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Skype and many more. Because mexicans spend much time online its reasonable to believe that they have developed a way to hack a Facebook account from USA.

Hacking Facebook with the profile link

This is one of the methods to hack a Facebook but this does not work on all websites, it just works only in and this page. To hack its necessary to copy the link of the profile victim and then enter the link in the box (as shown in the image), it will start hacking Facebook’s security and after few minutes you will get the password and email.


You can see more details about using this method in: How to hack Facebook. In the page linked you could enter the profile user link or the profile photo link, after entered correctly you would have to wait 3 minutes while it conects to the Database of Facebook located in the USA.

Hacking a USA Facebook with xploits

Xploits are one of the most used methods to hack Facebook accounts from USA, if this is the first time using this method, it may look a bit difficult but after using it you will find it very easy to get the victim’s email and password for free.


This method consists on sharing a fake Facebook link that will let us know the password, only if the victim follow the steps. If this process is completed all data will be stored in our database and you could have the access (email and password entered) for free. If you need more information then visit the following link: How to use the Xploit method.

Hacking a USA Facebook account with Software

This hacking method is the last recomended one, because you would have to pay for it, it may injure your computer, and to use it perfectly you have to read and practice for a long period of time. Also another problem, is that you would really need to install this software in your victim’s computer.

The software that we should use is Keylogger, you have to install an .exe in the victim’s computer if you want to see every single letter that he or she is going to type, no matter which program they start using, you would be able to see it. This method works perfectly because you can receive all data in your email, if you want to know more you can follow the link: Hacking Facebook with softwares.

Hacking USA Facebook accounts with passwords saved in the browser

Passwords saved in the browser is also another good method to hack a Facebook account. To use this hacking method it’s necessary to know that you only can get the data of the USA Facebook account if you are there, because you would need to have access to the victim’s computer, if you can’t then this method wouldn’t work. To see the information, you’ll need to know where are exactly located the passwords in the browser, so you can follow this link to learn how to get the passwords saved in the browser.

Where you can not only see Facebook passwords but also e-mails, or other sites which the victim has logged in.